building a betterhome

A home must be welcoming, secure, comfortable and capable of protecting from the cold winters and the warm summers, it must offer maximum privacy, enhances well-being, give refuge but at the same time it must allow those who live it, relate to the external surroundings.
The quality of our life depends mainly on the quality of our home.

The home must respect the environment.
Because the environment is our first home.

The home must be a healthy place and at the same time respect the environment; its construction must not imply investment in resources and must be sustainable for all in order to respect and preserve the environment. It needs to be set in a prestigious and pleasant environment, comfortable and peaceful but near all the main services.


Crema Costruzionihistory of a company

Crema Costruzioni snc active since the 5th of March 1965, thanks to the determination and entrepreneurship of its founder Renzo Crema (1940), after a decade experience as an apprentice and subsequently as a masonry sets up his own company with the help of his father Pietro. Initially the activity consisted of small projects commissioned by third parties.


In the years after the second world war, the north east keen to reaffirm itself as a region, consisted mainly of small families rebuilding small detached homes although soon enough the first commissioned projects for residential units were beginning to take over.  “Crema Renzo” then began to employ workforce and equipment for material handling.

In 1979 “Crema Renzo” became “Crema Costruzioni snc” and since then the direct involvement in real estate: construction and sale of detached and semi detached homes always with an outlook on location, project development, new technologies and materials to guarantee durability and maintenance.

In 1984 Claudio, the son, joins the company and begins a new era with an outlook on product quality particularly with regards to new technologies and market demand.

Crema Costruzioni has since developed a constant and methodical research in order to improve technologies and design and planning. This is also thanks to the family environment in a company made up mainly of direct employees. In 2006 an important step: its collaboration with the branch office of Casaclima in Bolzano enhancing the quality of its constructions. Pioneer in the market and the national legislation, Crema Costruzioni snc has decided to construct only high energy efficiency homes (class A o A+ d. lgs 192/2005). During recent years the list of constructions with such specificities has grown and has inevitably resulted in successful transactions.


Claudio e Renzo Crema
Our reputation first hand.


Two generations at work with the same passion: their work and customer satisfaction. Commitment, passion and team work. Fundamental values to obtain the end result.

The completion of  “Residence Agora”, is one of the last important projects. Constituting of 122 residential units and finished in 2009 in Ponzano Veneto.

In 2014 the “Residence Althea” has been completed. 56 residential units making it one of the major projects certified Casaclima. Also pioneer in the “noise control” construction method, thanks to years of research and experience from which the “detached home effect” residential units are constructed.

Currently Crema Costruzioni snc is constructing the new residential block VIVO Residence, in Ponzano Veneto, the top notch residential area in terms of technologies and design.

a betterexperience for the client

Buying a home is everyone’s dream and particularly if it is personalized to one’s taste.


Having our clients implement this dream is of utmost importance to us; in fact our staff accompanies our potential clients throughout the whole process, from the technical choices to the aesthetics in order to build a “tailor made” home.


At the time of consignment there are various bureaucratic procedures that need to be planned in order to avoid issues and waste of time (connection to utilities, communication to  public suppliers, home-owner’s societies and other). We are able to organise and assist throughout all the bureaucratic procedures in order to simplify the whole process.


Furthermore, all the technical documentation is handed over to the new home owner: floor plans, wiring and plant diagrams, user and maintenance manuals and other as well as a detailed personalised photographic blueprint of the major work phases in order to aid in case of future maintenance or installation.

theafter sales service

Home owners tend to forget the importance of  the after sales service; the guarantee and certainty of a solid company that follows up in the years on any issue implies a continuity in the quality of the home as well as its value but also the confidence of the owner.

Our continuing relationship with the new home owner is an added value to a solid and lasting trust.

The after sales assistance is one of Crema Costruzioni snc strenghts. In fact, all potential future issues or routine maintenance are managed directly by selecting indigenous collaborators and suppliers.