Living in Trevisois living and enjoying the Veneto region

Living in Treviso means living in the heart of the most touristic region of Italy, Veneto. A museum in the open sky with a landscape variety extending from the beaches of the Adriatic sea to the Dolomites’ peaks broken by a gentle landscape of low hills and agricultural land.
Landscapes that are the backdrop of suggestive villages and towns, framing an ancient food and wine culture with products that have crossed borders and are known worldwide.
A territory with a glorious history, heritage of the Republic of Venice better known as the “Serenissima”, queen of the Mediterranean. A land open to the world and looking to the future.

All touristic sites  in Veneto can be easily reached from Treviso


A unique city, capturing the visitor at every instant. A lifetime is not enough to get acquainted and discover all its nuances. Every corner of the city is a beauty in its own, whether it be a palace, a small bridge, or an anonymous alley. Even a rundown building appears as a piece of art.
Venice, a pedestrian city by its own nature, must be explored with no hurry.
An encyclopedia is not enough to list all the beauties such as the Ponte di Rialto, the “cicchetti” refined and delicious tidbits from the “bacari”, typical little inns, the lagoon islands of Murano and Burano and its central square in Piazza San Marco.



The mountain landscape of the Dolomites, 2009 world cultural heritage, with its peaks that vary in color from dawn to sunset thanks to the Alpenglow, a phenomenon originating from the particular conformation of the rocks of the dolomites, that can be observed only in this area.
An ideal destination both in summer and winter for those who love skiing, trekking, cycling and mountain biking, climbing or simply taking a walk in the tranquility of the woods. Cortina is the pearl of this corner along with the towns of Arabba, Agordo e Auronzo di Cadore.


A corner of treasures: history, art and architecture. All easily accessible and can be visited throughout the year. Next to more notable cities such as Treviso, Vicenza, Verona and Padua are a number of medieval towns and villages: Asolo one of the most beautiful towns in Italy with its citadel; the walled towns of Castelfranco Veneto and Cittadella; Bassano del Grappa with its ceramics and the “Ponte degli Alpini”, the bridge of the Italian alpine soldiers, and Conegliano city of the painter Gian Battista Cima whose masterpieces are also displayed in the USA and Russia.



The beaches of  Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea, looking onto the Adriatic sea. Jesolo, an alive location with its extended beaches and its main boulevard with shops and restaurants, as well as its famous discos. Eraclea and Caorle, suitable for families in search of calm. All these locations offer during the summer season, various attractions amongst which the aquatic park, the Luna Park and a calendar full of events.



Treviso hosts a long tradition in food and wine. The variety of the territory with lands well known for their vineyards and other typical products of DOP (protected designation of origin) and IGP (protected geographical indication). To list but a few: besides the “Prosecco” white sparkling wine, the “Montello DOCG” red wine. Among the dairy products, the “Grana Padano” cheese and the “Casatella trevigiana”. Also, the fruit and vegetables with the “radicchio rosso di Treviso” a trypical red salad and the white asparagus of Cimadolmo.  Food and wine itineraries are recommendable to discover the tastes and flavors typical of a land rich in art and culture as ours.



Treviso province is home to multiple prestigious fashion brands both in clothes and accessories as well as shoes. Brands that have marked history with made in Italy. Companies such as Geox, Benetton, Diadora, Stefanel and Grisport are just a few of the many companies in the area. Each brand offers its own shopping outlet where one can buy branded products at sale prices.